Friday 30th March

By | March 30, 2012

Having spent most of the last two days having meltdowns, D stayed true to form and had one before school. Unfortunately poor T got caught in the crossfire and got hurt. It’s so hard when one of your children hurts the other. I need to split myself into two sometimes.

I need to work on some sort of strategies for T to recognise the signs and just…get out the way basically! He cares so much for her, he’s a very protective big (well, 18 months older but she’s taller) brother, I don’t want him to resent her.

She had a good day at school (ish), didn’t want to join in the Easter singing and assembly and they didn’t force her.

She had a grump whilst I was brushing her hair and looked at me with such a blank expression when I’d finished – there was no love there or even anger, she really dislikes having her hair brushed but won’t have it short – that’s boys hair apparently.

We heard today that one of Hubbie’s relatives had passed away, not unexpected but still very sad. We’ve told T, but not D. We raised a quiet glass of wine to absent friends at dinner.

With everything that happened today, I completely forgot to buy a paper to see if the article for World Autism Day is in there, will do tomorrow.

Thanks for new follows today, much appreciated. All helping to spread awareness of this “invisible disability” – especially with World Autism Day on Monday.

Comments/RTs as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 

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