Saturday 17th March

By | March 17, 2012

Fun and games today. Manflu is still with us.

D’s latest two editions of “My Animal Farm” arrived today, together with the free play mat. She’s very pleased and already all the animals names have been memorised and the rest of us are tested on them frequently.


Stroppy moments over her cupcake – or lack of it – but that soon passed. See today’s earlier blog post.

I noticed earlier this evening that D doesn’t seem to be able to wink, or lift her eyebrows or widen her eyes. She can narrow them and does in anticipation of photos and bright lights. Also, can’t wrinkle up her nose. I tried to make it into a game “pretend you’re a bunny etc” but it was consistently not achievable. Perhaps that means she’ll never have wrinkles!

She’s excited about Mothers Day tomorrow, I have been told I am not allowed to look in a certain place (yes, she told me the goodies’ hiding place!)

Have a good evening Jx , comments/RTs as ever welcomed.

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