Saturday 10th March

By | March 10, 2012

Slightly earlier one tonight as I’m feeling very flu-y. Hot one minute, cold and shivering the next and aching everywhere, every bone is moaning at me…but as we know, you can’t stop when you have a special needs child, routines have to be adhered to.

D has done very well today, playing with her little plastic animals and lining them up, again and again – the OCD element of her autism.

This afternoon we watched her favourite film, Rio, I’m not normally sitting down when it’s on – usually dashing around getting things done, so it was nice to watch it with her.
I hadn’t properly seen it since we saw it at the cinema. She loves the music in it and kept positioning my head to make sure I was watching it (ow)!

Whilst watching it, I realised where she gets her phrases from:
“this is the life…”
“I want to die…” said when something wasn’t going right – I’m really relieved this one is learned script and not something she came up with by herself (phew).
..there was another one but I’ve forgotten it (flu brain).

Tonight’s bath was accompanied by a plastic apple, a plastic mango and a plastic squid  again, they were NOT allowed to get wet.

She did seem to be considerate of her mum feeling poorly for about a minute and then back to her usual bouncing all over me self.

If you haven’t already looked, have a look at my Kreativ blogging post and @savvywendy’s response – really interesting. @elusiveteniq13 has already replied directly to the post – again really interesting. Feel like I know these ladies a bit better now.

Have a good evening  J, I’m going to try and sleep this off..

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Rebecca Byfield on 10th March 2012 at 11:04 pm.

It’s always special sharing memories with our children. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment we have with our loved ones. Hope you get better soon. The flu sucks.


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