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Autism With Lola – A Special Offer

By | October 9, 2019

When D was diagnosed with autism at age 4.5, I had an immense need to find out as much as I could about autism, I still do, I don’t think I will ever stop learning. It felt quite a lonely time, I hadn’t joined social media and really really wanted to find other parents/carers to […]

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Introducing D to classic children’s stories with Wordsworth Editions

By | December 6, 2018

I’ve mentioned before how pleased I am that D shares my love of reading, it not only serves to calm her if she’s feeling stressed (she will always have at least 3 books in her bag if we go out) but it also introduces her to imagination and provides communication prompts around the stories and […]

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Mog’s Christmas Calamity – Bookworm Wednesday 

By | November 18, 2015

Have you seen the Sainsburys Christmas advert yet?  We love it, as I’m sure many do. It features Mog and her family this year and there is a bit of a Mog-related disaster but all is well in the end. We’ve always loved Mog books here, they’ve helped explain vets visits to D (with Mog and the V.E.T.), […]

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Santa is coming to … (your town) book

By | December 22, 2014

It’s always nice to find a new Christmas book to build on the excitement, especially when you have a SN child who hasn’t always understood what Christmas was all about. I’d seen the “Santa is coming to..” books in shops in town and wondered exactly what they’d include, would it include our village, which is […]

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Harvest by Jim Crace #BookReview

By | March 27, 2014

I enjoyed reading and dissecting historical novels during English Literacy in school, so when Mumsnet offered me the chance to read and review Harvest by Jim Crace, shortlisted for the 2013 Man Booker Prize, I was really looking forward to it. The story is set in a rural village during an unknown time, a story […]

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Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking

By | March 26, 2014

I’m not an extrovert, quite the opposite. The thought of going into a room full of people and *jazz-handing* whilst saying “Hi, it’s me!” would send me into a flat-spin, I just couldn’t do it. I remember doing work experience at school and reading the report at the end of it which said something like […]

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Clare Balding – My Animals and Other Family

By | January 24, 2014

There is something quite nice about snuggling down with a book when the weather isn’t so good and immersing yourself into whatever situation the book takes you to. The BritMums book club always gives me a chance to read those books I might not necessarily pick up/download normally and I’m always so glad I did. […]

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Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs

By | December 11, 2013

It’s always nice to get the Christmas books out in the run up to Christmas, D will very happily sit and read them as part of her evening routine. These are just a few that I picked up this morning, but there are more, lurking around. Her absolute favourite Christmas book for the last couple […]

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