The pros and cons of re-starting driving lessons 

By | July 26, 2018

I’m currently a non-driver, by (kind of) choice. 

Nerves got the better of me during two driving tests and I was all set to put in for another test but “life” and the autism diagnosis process for our children took precedence, then the matter of schooling, then life events, then 3 feet operations since October 2016 and it’s something I haven’t managed to get back to, yet.

I do feel a pang of “yes, I want and need to do this” whenever I see car adverts on the TV, the feeling that we could pop into a vehicle and head somewhere for the day without waiting at bus stops/train stations would be bliss, not to mention the anxiety aspect that D feels around strangers, yes, it would be great.

As an example, D attends special needs golf sessions every Saturday now, after impressing coaches from a local (ish) golf club in after school sessions. The golf club is half an hour away by car and Hubbie took us to the first two sessions, but last Saturday we had to get there by public transport….oh my!

It was a case of getting a bus into our nearest town, accompanied by fold-down scooters, then waiting for another bus, then being on that for over an hour, then a half mile walk to the golf club entrance, then (what must have been) a half mile scoot to the club house, to register and then head to the driving range.

It was worth it to see this:


But oh my word, my feet protested and because D was aware that my post-op feet were screaming, she was noticeably more withdrawn to start with in her golf than she might have been normally. 

Plans need to be implemented really, don’t they? Time to put those grown up pants on and have a preliminary lesson, just to see how many I’d potentially need to pass a driving test.

But I’m very aware that driving lessons are pricey and actually running a vehicle isn’t cheap, the initial purchase cost, insurance, fuel and, if we weren’t buying a new vehicle (who am I kidding?!?) with a warranty, then ongoing maintenance costs for keeping that vehicle road-worthy.

When it comes to maintenance too, unless you’re mechanically-minded and have an idea in advance of what could potentially need doing to a vehicle, the costs quoted could be a surprise, the knowledge that any reparatory work needed has not only been diagnosed by sight but also the use of a diagnostics tool by Scan Tool Center could bring some comfort, although maybe not to a bank balance!!

For the time being though, I’ll have my pipe dream (mmmmm Mini Countryman) and we’ll keeeeep scooting!! 

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