My Pre-Op Bucket List #TheMMLinky 

By | March 5, 2018

I can’t get away from the fact that in six weeks time I’m facing another general anaesthetic (GA) and – what should hopefully be – my final foot operation.

It can’t come quickly enough as a traipse through the snow on Friday and then shovelling it to clear paths has really affected both my “good, operated on last August, foot” and my “wonky, being done in six weeks, foot”.  Ouch.

It’s important though to remain positive about this upcoming op as it really helps that walk to the room adajacent to the operating theatre and my recovery afterwards, I have really quite strange reactions to a GA and I know that the less stress I’m under leading up to it, the better.

I’ve been compiling “to do” lists for both pre and post op to enable our household to run as smoothly as it can whilst I’m laid up afterwards.

I need to:

* Build a shed base as we have a shed/summerhouse installation to arrange.  Fortunately there is a shed  plus installation package but doesn’t include the base being made.  Something I need to tackle now that the snow has melted.

* Pop a coat of paint on our kitchen ceiling.  We had an unfortunate incident after our homecare providers didn’t install a bath waste unit properly and it leaked.  It bugs me looking at the patch of water damage and no doubt it will bug me more when I can’t do anything about it! 

*Stock up the freezer.  T’s staples in  his (limited) diet are bread, rolls and weetabix, I can’t freeze weetabix obviously but we always have plenty of bread and milk frozen.  D is a bit more adaptable but still has her standard three evening meals which I rotate and as long as Hubbie has his carbs, he’ll be okay.

*I’m reluctant to give the front and back Gardens the first mow of the year yet but that’s another one for the list.  Again I’ll feel a bit miffed if I can see it needs doing and physically can’t! 

*Get my “things to do whilst I’m on my backside on the sofa” sorted.  I have a few books I’d like to read and have earmarked my crochet projects.  

*Stock up on pain relief.  From my last two operations, there will be pain.  I can be a “I’m tough, I don’t need anything” but I need to accept that if it hurts (and it will) then I don’t need to be stubborn and resist taking anything. 

The most important thing though is positivity.  My feet journey has so far taken nearly two years from first referral and it will be closer to three by the time I’m fully healed and then…I can start making more lists of what I haven’t been able to do! 

So, that’s my Monday Motivation.  I’m hosting this week so it would be great if you could join in, it doesn’t need to be a post, a motivational picture link would be great.

As ever, I’ve chosen my two favourites from the last link-up, I loved reading the What’s Your Superpower post and could really empathise with this post about remembering what really matters.

I also absolutely love this image:



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