Be You, Be True #TheMMLinky

By | February 5, 2018

Sometimes I wish I was a “hello, it’s me daaaarling!” jazz-hands type of woman, it would make life easier when it came to getting my views across.  At other times, I’m very glad I’m me, doing my best I can for my family, just getting by.

I very occasionally take pictures with me in them, more than I used to as I don’t want to be the one left out of pictures as I’m always taking them, I want my children to look through my camera roll and laugh, laugh because their mum is having a good time too, making memories.

I don’t know how to photo-shop pictures and don’t want to, presenting an untrue image doesn’t appeal.  I have features about me I’m not keen on, name me someone who doesn’t, but I don’t have the time, means or inclination to radically change any photos that I put up. 

It makes me a tad sad when I see Instagram photos of celebrities that are vastly different to either photos taken by press photographers or how they’d look on tv, what is the point? Is it that any publicity is “good” publicity or that, if a picture is put up that is majorly different, masses of people comment to that effect and then the offers to free invasive or non-invasive surgery flood in because the companies know that “fame” sells?  It’s a vicious circle then as more surgery leads to more comments, which effects self-worth and then the answer seems to be…more treatments! 

I’m glad my daughter, at 13, isn’t interested in uploading selfies and photos and has no body issues.  She wears and accepts her school uniform for what it is and – just like her mum – lives in leggings, tshirts and jumpers at the weekend.  That’s not to say she doesn’t like to pop on a party dress and raid her jewellery box on occasion, but that’s not the norm.

I was flicking through one of the weekly gossip magazines when I saw this:

Compare the pictures (the altered photo is on the right) and see just how easy (with the right tools) it is to create a totally different picture to that originally taken.  Look at magazine covers in a shop, the majority will have been photo-shopped and airbrushed, removing those “imperfections” that Society seems to decree shouldn’t be seen.  

So, that’s my message for Monday, be individual, be true to yourself, be you.

I’m hosting #TheMLinky this week and if you have any motivational messages you’d like to share, please pop them into the linky below.   

It was lovely to read the posts linked up last week and two made me think on for quite a while after reading; 

Debs at @chaosinkent had a great self-therapy idea and one that I must give a try! 


Anne at @raisiebay wrote a very powerful post about looking back and then looking forwards, something which gave me a lot of thought.

We’re looking forward to reading your posts x 

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