The MM Linky – 19/11/17

By | November 20, 2017

Welcome to Monday and #TheMMLinky which is with me this week.

Last week’s posts were great to read and the majority focussed on World Kindness Day and how a little bit of kindness can make a big difference to both our wellbeing and that of others.

Our SEN blogger group participated in a Secret Santa-type RAK (Random Acts Of Kindness) and there were many delighted photos and posts as participants received an unexpected little gift, mine (below) has been squirrelled away by my daughter, so there’s another RAK from me to her!

It’s no surprise then that, from last week’s posts, I loved Kelly’s ideas for RAK and there are some further great suggestions in the comments on her post too 

And Anne reminded me that RAK can involve ourselves too, be kinder to our bodies, they’re the only ones we have.

That last point has particularly resonated with me and, if you pop over to my post which I’ve linked up this week, you’ll find out why.

So, the Linky is open until Wednesday and we (myself and the co-hosts) are really looking forward to reading your posts x 

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