I (would) like driving in my car #BlogTober

By | October 3, 2017

If I drove, that is.

I would be just like this:

I even have my playlist already, instead I use it to cycle or walk to.

I had regular driving lessons when my eldest was a toddler, then I became a single parent and couldn’t afford to keep them up.

I haven’t really bothered since.  We live 20 minutes walk from a small station, so there’s the option of that or twice-hourly buses to the nearest town and there’s supermarkets, the all-important coffee shop, GP and banks within a 20 minute walk in the other direction (there’s also way too many bookies, coffee houses and optician chains up there, but it’s what pays the rent I guess.  It used to be a lovely community precinct and it’s full of chain stores now).

So, with all that nearby and the fact that my children’s diagnoses and various needs took priority, learning to drive got put on the backburner.

But what if I could drive, what would I drive?

When I was a teenager, I wanted one of these, a RAV4.  I was also going out with someone who windsurfed so I had the wetsuit (lol!) and I’d imagine driving it, wind in my wet-from-the-sea hair.

Then, I liked the look of a Ford Ka, the early big-bottomed models (any resemblance to me is coincidence) and also a VW Beetle, I couldn’t find a early Ka picture but look at this Beetle!

And now? Well I’d love to try again, see just how long  and – more importantly – how much it would take to get me through a driving test.

I had thought “why bother?” but, yep, let’s get through the next foot operation, get all healed and then I’ll see.  It would give me a lot more freedom and D would love if we could just head off to a beach when we felt like it.

If I could choose anything now, it would be a Mini Cooper or Countryman, an electric one because I just love the look of them and how deceptively spacious they are inside.  

I guess, on this prompt, it’s “watch this space”, maybe in next years #BlogTober, I’ll have an update! 

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