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By | October 24, 2017

I’ve been an “autism parent” for nine years now, it feels like it’s flown by at times and at others, it’s gone slower – usually when we’re waiting for the “powers that be” to share their decision on education/health plans etc.

I’ve focussed very much on the children’s needs, I have to, to those afore-mentioned “powers that be”, my T and D are budget considerations, figures on a spreadsheet, it feels sometimes as though a tick or cross or a pen dictates their future.  I want them to fulfill their potential and be happy, the same as every parent.

But, as every SN parent will know, this constant “battle” (for want of a better word) takes its toll, it’s very easy to neglect our wellbeing because we have to put out children’s needs first.

I’ll happily admit that I delayed and delayed going to my GP a few years back because I felt I wasn’t worth it, I felt I didn’t warrant taking up an appontment slot because I didn’t feel there was any physically wrong, emotionally though I was an exhausted mess.

My GP was very thorough, gave me an MOT with blood tests, smears and a mammogram, then tackled the emotional aspect, I was prescribed anti-depressants which I still take now, albeit a different variety to that originally prescribed, I’m not ashamed of this, they help me.

What the initial blood tests four years ago showed was that I had low iron levels amongst other things, for example I think the normal range is 8-300, mine was 22, low but not low enough to indicate further action – which is quite bizarre that I can have low iron symptoms but they’re not low enough (within the vast normal range) to do anything.

As these initial tests were some time ago and life has been a “tad” more stressful, especially with all my #scarfeet drama, I’m curious to know how I am now on the inside.

Forth have asked me if I’d like to trial their baseline blood test to see how I am on the inside and I’m very happy to give their procedure a trial and gain an insight on how my iron levels/liver/thyroid etc are performing.

The procedure seems very simple, I take some blood, post it off and can then review the results online within a couple of days.

I’ll share my results and how I found instructions for blood collection in the next week or so as it’s important that the sample is posted off same day, something I can’t guarantee during half term! 

I can’t think of any better motivation for me, my family need me as healthy as I can be.  I need me healthy too! 

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Steph Curtis on 28th October 2017 at 9:29 am.

This sounds really interesting, I’d love a good check up – like you, I rarely ever go to the doctor. Hope the results are all good! #TheMMlinky
Steph Curtis recently posted…Half term holiday successMy Profile


Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes on 28th October 2017 at 3:59 pm.

I think many of us are guilty if not taking care of ourselves. I know I am. I look forward to reading more about this.
Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes recently posted…Autism is not “the problem”.My Profile


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