#BlogTober Day 5 – Education

By | October 6, 2017

Yesterday’s prompt was Education.

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll be aware that I have a daughter in special needs school and a son in mainstream secondary. Both have autism but, due to their varying intellectual and emotional levels, are most definitely in the right environments for them.   D couldn’t cope in a mainstream environment and T would not get on within a SN school.

We have always followed one rule when it comes to our children’s education:

Instinct – amongst other things – told  us that D wasn’t benefiting from a mainstream primary school environment and also promoted me to google “autism” before any “experts” had mentioned it.

We also relied on instinct with regard to T’s schooling, for both primary and secondary.  

I remember a fellow SN parent saying to me – when D was really struggling in primary – that I should keep her within mainstream because there is an obligation to accommodate and meet her needs.  Well, yes there is but if I can see that my child isn’t settled and was quite frankly, too traumatised by the whole environment to learn, then I have to do what’s right for my individual child.

And it paid off, D has absolutely flourished in the right environment for her.  As has T.

I recently wrote a couple of posts sharing our experiences and tips for starting in primary/nursery school and secondary school with SN, they may help anyone reading this x 

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