#BlogTober Day 4 – Date 

By | October 4, 2017

I was nervous – very – on 30th May 2000.

Why? I was going on a date.  I’d been a single parent for nearly three years and, drunken snogs aside, hadn’t felt ready, willing or able to go on a “date”.  

Having grown up in a household where, prior to my parents’ divorce, there were frequent and differing “uncles”, I was determined that my son wouldn’t have his stability jeopardised for the sake of something that might not last.

So, for me to be preparing to meet a friend’s brother and going on a date was a big deal.

I can remember what I wore, a pale pink round necked top with a flared hem and some black cropped trousers.  I deliberated and debated for ages over that!  Hubbie wore a short-sleeved shirt with small checks, which I found out later was bought specifically for our date.

We went to a wine bar first and I remember an England match on the screen, I didn’t realise at that time how passionate Hubbie was about football so, for our date to have been on an international game’s night must have been a bit of a decision for him.

I had a Smirnoff Ice (that is still my going-out drink) and then we went to the cinema, to watch Saving Grace.

It was a lovely film to watch and very, very funny.  Martin Clunes’s character of Doc Martin first appeared in this.

We got on really well and there was a little peck on the cheek at the end of the evening, with the prospect of more dates.   Hubbie met my son after about the third date and they got on really well.  

Hubbie said to me that summer “it’s been a good summer, Chelsea won the FA cup and I met you”.   

A bit of a fast foward to 30th May 2002, exactly two years later and I was nervous for another reason:

Our wedding day, my son was our page boy and T was a little bump in my tummy.  We’d decided to get married on our two year anniversary before we knew that I was pregnant with T, so he was the icing on the cake – as it were!

Having a wedding anniversary at the end of May has its advantages, sometimes it falls on May Bank Holiday but it’s always in half term week, which means we can all go out for a meal or day out and the weather is on-the-whole okay.

Isn’t it funny how one date can change your life? 

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