The Escalator #SmallStepsAA

By | September 10, 2017

Today saw D absolutely smash one of her fears and I’m so proud of her!

She was at a cinema birthday party, which was fab.  A film, popcorn, a drink and an ice cream (which she didn’t eat and passed me a liquid carton at the end!) have all made for a happy D.

A happy me too as I got to put my post-op foot up and have a decent coffee and chat whilst the film was going on.  

As with most of D’s achievements, this one went unnoticed until I realised afterwards.

The escalator up to the screening rooms.  

Something we avoid in shopping centres because D really doesn’t like them.  

Whether it’s the fact that the steps disappear and could potentially take shoe tops with them or whether it’s the getting on whilst it’s still moving, I’m not sure but we always use the lift or the stairs and not the escalator.

When she appeared smiling after the film, I didn’t immediately reconcile the fact that she would have been up and down an escalator, that came later.

“D, did you go up an escalator to the film?”

*eyeroll* “Yes”

“And down afterwards?”

*eyeroll* “Yes”

“And was it all okay?”

*double eyeroll* (she’s VERY good at these) “Of course it was!”

So, there you go.  It crept up on us.  Well done her! It doesn’t mean that, once I’m walking “normally”, we’ll be making a beeline for escalators, there are so many other sensory elements associated with a shopping centre trip but yep, she did it! 

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