30 Day Music Challenge – Day 2

By | July 3, 2017

It’s day 2 of the 30 Day Music Challenge I’m taking part in, if you missed Day 1, you can read it here.

Day 2’s is “A Song You Like With A Number In The Title”, which was a very easy one for me.

Ultravox’s “One Small Day”, you can watch the video here.

I love how the group moved from the synth/electronic sounds to something extremely rocky, the start of the song with its guitar lets you know that this is going to be good!

The video was a move away from their videos which told a story, it featured the group playing in the cold with some great scenery, they also looked very, very cold!

I have to admit that this song is on my playlist for either walking or cycling (it used to be for jogging but #scarfeet prevent that ATM), many a time I have warbled along to this cycling down a hill, lol!

I have to admit too, that at times, I’ve listened to the lyrics feeling a bit down or a bit cross and singing along, always makes me feel better:

“How many times has it turned against you

How many times will they walk away

How many times have you let depression win the fight

Oh my sentimental friend

We’ll walk as one again
One day where I didn’t die a thousand times

Where I could satisfy this life of mine

One small day

One day where every hour could be a joy to me

And live a life the way it’s meant to be

One small day
One day where I wouldn’t feel my senses die

Where nothing made me hang my head and cry

One day where I could see myself as others do

Where I could feel the strength of love at hand

One small day”

I could also have chosen Midge Ure’s song Little One as that is also really good.  I’m not sure if he is singing about a child or a lover but it’s a nice song anyway.

If you’d like to join in with the challenge, the prompts are below:

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