30 Day Music Challenge – Day 1 

By | July 2, 2017

I do like the challenges that pop up on social media now and then, this particular one concerns music so I just had to join in!

Day one is “a song you like with colour in the title”, easy-peasy this one!

True Blue by Madonna.  I married a “true blue” (football fan) and the lyrics (turn them around the other way) were very appropriate for us as Hubbie did a lot of travelling before he met me and we met just as he was ready to settle down 😊.

This song was the song we had as “our song” at our wedding party, I don’t know how we would have danced to it as, in true “Mr Silly” fashion, the song came on whilst I wasn’t in the party room and Hubbie ended up dancing it with his mum! 

I could have also chosen Visions in Blue by Ultravox, the video link here is from their live shows a few years back as opposed to the “saucy” one that got banned by TOTP or Mr Blue Sky by ELO as the song and video are very feel-good.  

Looking forward to this challenge, what would be your favourite song with a colour in its title? 

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