Back on the bus! 

By | April 25, 2017

The Easter school holidays flew by and D just could not wait to get back to school, bless her.

It wasn’t just the routine – that she craves and needs – although that played a big part – it was the fact that she’d be going back onto home-school transport from now until the end of the winter term 2017, so that hopefully I can have my next two feet operations and recuperate without the absolutely dreadful stress of last October (where I went into the operation crying because transport hadn’t been sorted and it took the Head of children’s services to agree it, two weeks later!).

So, having transport sorted in advance, with the same bus driver and escorts as last time has been a massive, huge weight off my mind.

We wait outside on the doorstep in the morning, D hopping around in anticipation, sometimes one of the cats is waiting too and then the familiar roar of the bus’s engine as it comes into view, the beep-beep-beep as it parks and then a “bye mumma!” and she’s off, skipping to the bus, I watch as the escort helps her get strapped into her seat and she’s off.  

Reassurance for me as I’ve seen her get on safely and a little bit more independence for D as she’ll get off the bus at school and walk in, with her classmates.

And in the afternoon, it’s another doorstep wait for me, accompanied by a cat as we wait for D’s return.  Sometimes it’s a good ten minutes past when they should be there, on Friday it was about half an hour late (the bus got shunted by a car apparently, but all okay) and she’ll either skip along the pavement or run (as she doesn’t use the school toilets), usually smiling, happy to be home.  Happy with this pretty mega change in routine, well done D.

We are a long way off of D walking to school by herself, I can’t see that ever happening, what with her anxieties around strangers and sudden loud noises and very little road safety awareness but right now, if she’s happy, I’m happy.

(Apart from the fact that the consultant keeps bumping my appointment to discuss surgery dates, that is…only twice in two weeks so far!) 

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