Annual Review and other things – Weds 7th Dec 2016

By | December 7, 2016

I know, it’s been a lax couple of days blog-wise.  I’d had two days of what-should-be-normal-activity for me – i.e. lots of walking – and my poor feet have protested big time over the last couple of nights.  It’s very easy to forget that I’m only 8 weeks post-op and I presume when the consultant at my check-up last week said that walking was the best way to get them better, he wasn’t thinking of someone who doesn’t drive and therefore has to walk everywhere, moi! 

Anyway, yesterday saw D’s Annual Review at school, something which is always a pleasure to attend because – lets face it – time whizzes by so quickly and it’s a chance to hear how she’s progressing.

Now that she’s in secondary, the meetings start with D being in the meeting and her smiley face shines out from a screen as she shows some photos of her from the school year she’s chosen. I don’t think, at her age, I’d have been comfortable doing that in front of my teachers and parents but that just shows how comfortable D feels in the much calmer environment that SN school brings to her.

Apart from…. there’s an underlying theme all though D’s school life of a lack of confidence in unscripted situations.  You might think “eh?” after what I’ve just described above, but D knew in advance she’d been doing that, the teachers had helped her chose the photos and therefore it was all okay.

I’m talking about the times when she really should speak up, but doesn’t, is worried to.  

A couple of examples:  

D cut her finger on a splinter from a drum beater, didn’t say anything because she thought the teacher “was too busy”, held it together (both literally with a tissue and emotionally) until she got home then…boom!

Similarly, the class have been learning to make hot drinks, they were encouraged to drink up, D did, even though it was too hot and burnt her throat, once again, holding it all in until she got home.

See what I mean? It’s those times when she really should speak up but because it’s not adult-led or in the day’s plans, she doesn’t.  Which is a bit of an ongoing concern for the future.

All we can do at home is keep reassuring her that it’s okay to speak to up and that sometimes she must, whilst school have agreed to consider role-plays for her, although whether she’d make the connection between those situations and remembering for the future, I don’t know.

Positively, she’s doing wonderfully academically.  Her reading – and understanding of the stories – is improving and she writes really well, when she brings herself to.  D did say in the meeting that it hurts her hand to write so school will look at ways to help use a bit less pressure when she puts pen to paper.

D’s head teacher is retiring at the end of this term 🙁 and I hope the incoming head will be as accessible to the pupils and as smiley as the outgoing HT.

All in all, it was a very positive annual review, I know this would be an entirely different matter were D to be in mainstream and we’re very grateful that D is in the right setting for her and that we have home-school transport until the end of term, because going on the last couple of days, I’d be struggling.

Rob the Robin has been working his way around the house:

One of these caused tears from 5.30am because D woke up and noticed that he hadn’t moved from the previous evening, so that was a very long day and thankfully Rob “moved” whilst D was upset and distracted in another room.  

And chocolate:

Yummy yum! 

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