Worth It? Weds 2nd Nov 2016

By | November 2, 2016

Another Wednesday and another week on from my surgery three weeks ago.

I have to say, I’m not in love with what I saw under the bandages today, for the first time or even liked it particularly.  I know there’s swelling to go down and wounds to heal but, it didn’t seem to look any better to me.  That’s not me being ungrateful but when you’re told that having it done will make a difference and the major upheaval and stress that has manifested since then, you’d hope it would be worth it, wouldn’t you? 

We’ll see.

There was one shining lovely moment today.  After the hospital transport had dropped me home I was in time to go with Hubbie and collect D from after school theatre club.  

I was slow, so slow on a crutch after many steps around the hospital and my feet were saying “nope, stop it” but our girl’s face as she saw us both hand-in-hand was worth it, she was extremely smiley.

Roll on another three weeks when I have another appointment, maybe I’ll love my battered tootsies a bit more.

This morning:

This evening:

The cat socks are happy not to be so overly stretched anyway.

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