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By | November 30, 2016

There are times in our life that I just want to hold on to, times that we never anticipated, this is one such moment.

A bit of background, in that D has always struggled with writing, it’s partly a confidence issue, partly the whole positioning and feel of writing – sensory I guess.  

It’s made for tense, anxious moments at home when it came to homework and she really does not like “DIY writing” sessions at school.  It means that the little notes written in cards have so much emotion behind them, from both the message and the knowledge that it’s all a bit of a challenge for her.

So, can you imagine my absolute delight and “ohmygosh I want to burst with pride” feelings when D told us that she’d started doing some writing, unprompted at the end of certain days at school?

I had to, simply had to, take a couple of pictures:

Do you know what? Even the spelling mistakes make me smile, because that means she’s had a go at unfamiliar words, the joined-up writing because she suddenly decided she wanted to try it out and the illustration – she does love her drawings!

And read this:

Her feelings on the concert, so positive.

It’s another indication that D is maturing, at her own pace and in her own way, which is just how we approach SN parenting.  It makes moments like these all the more memorable.

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