D’s Christmas Wish – Sun 27th Nov 2016 

By | November 27, 2016

It’s quite rare for D or T to express a specific desire for a Christmas gift.  

We fell into the trap in previous years of buying – for example – transformers for T or LaLaLoopsy for D because they’d taken an interest, we’d think “yippee! something that might just be played with” and then, once the packaging is removed, it’s left to gather dust, with no interest shown as the playing aspect just wasn’t there.

I wrote about this, after consulting other SN parents/carers here.

So, since then, Christmas gifts have been very much along the lines of things that would be used – something that’s perfect for D, pens and paper, or for T, football magazines, dressing gowns, that sort of thing.  Yes, I know, relatively boring but, let’s fact it, no-one has money to burn, do they?

This year, however, D has made a specific request.  It wasn’t a particular surprise, she does rather love watching “The Chase” and has a bit of a crush on Bradders:

We’ve explained to her that it’s a CD of music and she won’t be able to see Bradley singing but she’s adamant, there’s always a massive smile on her face when the advert for the CD is on TV (which is quite a lot at the moment).

So, clickety-click and we’re looking forward to listening to the CD in a few weeks.

Speaking of smiles, how grown up does D look in her school photo?

Absolutely years of her being scared by the whole school photo scenario and having to be prompted to smile with the aid of squeaky accessories have been replaced by a smiling young lady.  Unaffected by any thoughts of “ooh I’m going to pout” or “smiling isn’t cool”, she’s comfy in her skin, it’s great. 

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