Achievement Unlocked – Sat 5th Nov 2016

By | November 5, 2016

The Birthday Boy, our T, 14 yesterday and going on 44, a very wise head on young shoulders.

Where has the time gone? Wherever it is, it’s gone by way too quickly.  

Typically for T, who likes and needs to know what, where, when and how, he was bang on his due date, arriving when he was expected and he expects everyone else to do the same, without expection.

Like many boys of his age, his free time revolves around football (playing, watching, collecting stats) and gaming.  Bearing in mind the perfect card we found (in John Lewis), I thought I’d play around with some “achievements unlocked”:

Achievement unlocked – to have larger feet than his parents and sister:

Oh yes, this has been achieved, he’s delighted about this.  Especially overtaking D by some three shoe sizes as for years she was taller and had the bigger shoe size.  There was a massive growth spurt over the summer and T’s all arms, legs and muscle.  Perfect for sport, not so for the wardrobe!   

Achievement unlocked – to overtake his  sister’s height:

Another one that’s only recently happened, as above.  He’s now aiming to get past myself and Hubby and I don’t think that will be long away.

Achievement unlocked – to continue to play football:

Ever since T could walk, he’s been kicking a football, he’s always been like a sponge when it comes to football facts and stats and has a natural left-footed ability.  His enjoyment of playing is taking a bit of a battering at the moment as not everyone is a team player nor has the ability to “read” the game like he does but he’s there in position, waiting even if it doesn’t come to fruition.  Saying nothing immediately afterwards, masking negativity until he’s back home, in his sanctuary.  

Achievement unlocked – to try and meet the challenges of hormones:

This has been a bit hairy at times.  Autism and puberty don’t necessarily mix and to have two children 18 months apart in teen/tween has felt challenging, there are times when I think “puberty? autism? both? neither? and to gauge how he’s thinking is akin to needing a can opener but, get T in a relaxed, receptive mindframe, adding in some humour and it’s okay, albeit a bit infrequent.

Achievement unlocked – FIFA:

Ever since I can remember, we’ve including the latest FIFA PS game as part of his birthday present.  Yesterday was no exception.  Part of me wishes that T had wanted to see friends on his birthday evening as opposed to trying out his new game but, as he compartmentalised school and football friends, that wouldn’t happen.  He’s happy and we know where he is, that’s the main thing.

Achievement unlocked – a hug and a smile:

A rarity.  T doesn’t do hugs or cuddles, they usually extend to a head on an arm.  But yesterday, after setting up his console and making my poorly feet ache in the process, I asked for and received a hug.  He had the biggest smile on opening his presents too and, as he masks his feelings, this was very nice to see.

Achievement unlocked – pride:

This has always been unlocked, it’s not a new one.  From the way he dedicates himself to everything he undertakes, from the fact that he is uber-protective of D even though he’ll tell us that she annoys him, to the fact that he gets on that school bus every day with the sensory issues that generate, we’re always proud of him, even though he doesn’t want to hear it at times.

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