This week’s #WOTW and #Prose4T 

By | October 13, 2016

My word for this week is Recovery, and here’s why, with the #Prose4T aspect too:

That procedure I fought for, appealed and won, it happened this week,

And now I’m at home, recovering, the cells rejoining, regrouping, making me occasionally “squeak”.

Not one foot, but two operated on, I’m an “all or nothing” girl.

Never having had a general anaesthetic before, the after-effects are making my thoughts twist and twirl.

Regrouping my brain from the GA is taking a while, I had planned to read, to crochet a simple blanket.

Instead, I’m hibernating like a nearby cat, sometimes with a grimace, usually a smile.

Today saw a trip to A&E,  as one foot wouldn’t stop bleeding,

Patched up, sent home, with instructions for strict bed rest, time is what we’re needing.

So, it’s bed rest for me, it’s necessary but boring.

And, as I can currently only sleep on my back, it might not just be my husband that’s snoring!  

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