Waiting – Thurs 15th Sept 2016 

By | September 15, 2016

Well, by now, my appeal for my operation should have been heard.  I’ve been told that I’ll hear the outcome within five working days, but I really hope I get a phone call sooner rather than later.

I’m not confident of a positive outcome but am hoping that the panel actually had enough attendees there to meet – as opposed to the last time it was due to be heard when they didn’t – and that they actually read my letter in which I detailed just how the op would benefit me and my family.

It’s the subject of a bit of #Prose4T, linking up with Vicky at vevivos.com.


Waiting, hoping that the phone will ring.  Checking emails, a new one signified by a “ping”.

Wondering if a decision has been made, has my letter been considered, will there be sufficient funds to be paid?

Annoyed that I’m seen as just a figure on a budget sheet, Which part of me would it be? Why, it would be my feet!

Knowing the difference – if it goes ahead – will make to my life, slightly nervous of the impact as a busy mum and a wife.

Willing it, wanting the panel to consider and give me a “yay”.  If it’s not, we’ll keep trying, I’ll get there some day.”

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