Eventful – Sun 18th Sept 2016

By | September 18, 2016

What a busy weekend! From the fun and games of Friday evening and then last night, when we went to an ASD family event, organised by a local charity.

D had an absolute whale of a time! When we got there I was quite amazed at the number of families who were there, it just goes to show how many families are living with autism and how beneficial these evenings are, in terms of recognising that you’re not alone in your journey and that being in a location  where there’s no judgemental looks or comments if anxieties overtake, is really quite good for wellbeing.

Anyway, the pictures I posted last night speak for themselves, if you haven’t seen them…

Here’s the two Ds, they’re in the same class at school and just adore each other:

Fun before LaserQuest, this was brilliant fun as us mums got to go in too.  The children and mums raced around zapping each other, the only screams were those of pure enjoyment:

And then bowling.  A slight element of competitiveness crept in but it remained very good-natured with turn-taking and cheering each other on.

Four very happy children by the end and delighted parents that they’d enjoyed it so much.

I had been a bit worried how D would cope with the pace of LaserQuest and whether she’d enjoy being zapped but she loved it so much that she’s requested a LaserQuest birthday party next year, you really ask for more proof of happiness than that, can you? 


And we’ve wound down today with a chilled day, much needed! Is it really Monday again tomorrow?!?

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