Maths with D – Mon 15th Aug 2016

By | August 15, 2016

The sleep fairy didn’t visit me again last night, blooming thing! Whether it’s because my brain knows that my operation appeal is being heard this week or not, I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s quite difficult to be all upbeat albeit with a calm persona – as the children expect – when all you want to do is sleeeeeeep, but we had a funny and rather a clever moment from D today.

If I Was By Midge Ure was on one of the music channels today and, as its one that D has heard a few times, she let me sing along, if it’s a song she doesn’t know then it’s a hands over my mouth job to firmly stop me.

She asked me how I knew the words and I told her how old I was when the song came out and as that was (flip me!) 31 years old, I’d memorised the words.

She thought and thought and said “you were xx when this song came out and that was 31 years ago, so … you’re xx years old!” with a triumphant look on her face!

So? You might think, well, that was mental maths from our girl and adding two double-figured numbers together.  Impressive for someone who is usually reluctant to try out mental maths in case she gets it wrong and she then worked out how old I’ll be next birthday.

Well done D! Now, if you see the Sleep Fairy, send her my way please.

You may have noticed this little badge on the blog, just a teensy bit pleased and another reason to smile today, in the Health category:

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