Jittery – Weds 15th June 2016

By | June 15, 2016

It’s a double case of the jitters here.  D’s got them and I certainly have them too.

For D, tomorrow brings a huge change to her daily routine.  She’s in a singing concert tomorrow evening but I won’t be able to collect her at the usual time after school as school have requested that they remain at school to rehearse and have tea, which I must remember to pack.

The tea itself poses a problem as she’s used to having her specific, warm meals, followed by her usual activity afterwards. The last time she had a “picnic” tea, it wasn’t popular as her “warm” food was “cold”.  I guess the simplest way around this is a sandwich tea but I know she wouldn’t be impressed.  

And she’s going to be tired, having been in school from just before 9am to 8pm.  

Fingers crossed that I’ll be blogging about how wonderful it all was and that she’s okay, home and okay.  Hope so, it’s big changes for her.

And me.  Oh I’m jittery.  Have been ever since Monday when I realised that, maybe, this time today in four weeks, I’ll have had an operation and hopefully be at home and got through the general anaesthetic and the op.   I say “maybe” because although the consultant’s secretary pencilled me in for 13/7, I haven’t heard anything further, I tried to phone and find out more yesterday.  Maybe as its NHS there’s hoops to go through with funding etc.  

If it does happen, there’s a whole heap of things I want to get done beforehand as I’ll be immobile for a good part of the summer holidays.  Things like putting some paving slabs down in the garden, planting some more bamboo to give T and D an extra feeling of security in the garden, hopefully getting further with our electricity issue (we now have an address to complain to) and just general “stuff” that I’d normally just do, without thinking and considering that I need to let my battered feet recover.

There’s quite a bit of advice about preparing for a general anaesthetic, I don’t smoke and very rarely drink so those are easy-peasy, one thing that would help the jitters is knowing for sure the date.  I’m no longer on any prescription tablets for sleep as I read they may have an interaction, so sleep could be better but I’m glad I took the plunge she did it.   There’s other minor things like making sure I have no shellac on my nails as that’s how the anaesthetist will check my oxygen levels and the fact that I’ve never had a general one before so I have no idea if it will all be okay recovery-wise afterwards.   I presume I’ll have to sign something to say that I understand I might not wake up too.  

The Internet is wonderful for advice but it’s also full of scary stories about DVT and blood clots.  

There, I’ve blogged it out.  It hasn’t solved anything for me but it’s helped me, a bit. 

At least this time tomorrow I’ll have D home after her concert, whether I’ve had any answers for my op questions is another matter.

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