Leveller – Weds 30th March 2016

By | March 30, 2016

Sometimes it’s good to get a bit of a leveller, especially if you’ve spent some time today wondering how the future will pan out and how your autistic children fit into it.

I haven’t started watching “The A Word” yet (BBC1 drama, 9pm, Tuesdays), the weeks and months after D’s and then T’s autism diagnoses still feel quite raw to me, the feeling of almost grieving for the child you won’t have and then the acceptance of the child you will.  All the time accompanied by mega, mega intense feelings of protection for them and bewilderment that others now perceive your child as different because they now have a “label”.  A “label” that is deemed necessary if any support needed could hope to be received (educational etc).

I watched an episode of Doctors today – link here – and one of the storylines was about a SN young adult going into residential care.  Something the mother didn’t want to do in her heart but knew that her child would benefit from, once the initial anxieties over change were overcome.  

That, combined with an autism awareness image on Facebook I saw, made me think and think today.  Wondering if we’d ever be making that choice, knowing that as much as I’d wish for eternity I ain’t going to achieve that and just wondering how our children fit into a sometimes hostile society.

Then, I put my volunteer hat on and went to a meeting, a meeting where I walked away feeling happier, a meeting where adults with mental health issues were playing football in the background.  Smiling, enjoying themselves.  Accepting each other, no matter whatever diagnosis had brought them there.

It was a great leveller to me and made me think that sometimes – just sometimes – I should stop worrying about the future and smile, live in the present.

And talking about smiling, I noticed just how alike D and I look from these photos:

Like mother (or mumma), like daughter, eh? 

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Ross Mountney on 31st March 2016 at 6:35 pm.

We all worry about our kids – I’m a home educator and I certainly did. But I’ve found you’re right. Live in the present – take care of the present days and the future will take care of itself! All the best. x


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