Just A Little – Tues 29th March 2016

By | March 29, 2016

Okay, it’s a bit late for the above greeting, anyone got any chocolate left?

This was the lovely card that D made for her grandad on Sunday, she did some really nice writing inside too.  An achievement because, although D does write, it’s with much effort and protests.

We’ve had a relaxed few days (for us), apart from the regimented routine of meal times etc, I had thought that the clocks change would affect them but, it hasn’t really, it probably would have if they’d had school this week.

D did get extremely confused when she saw me changing the times on our clocks on Sunday and just didn’t “get” my explanation of BST and GMT.  

I feel better for having had a little break from my self-imposed blog deadlines.  My children thrive on knowing exactly “when, where and how”, I rebel a little and want to “mix” things up a tad.  But I don’t, because the repercussions for them far outweigh anything else.

So, I took a little step back with the one thing I can do and enjoyed it.  

It’s things like this that re-charge me, just keep me pasting on that smiley-smile and keep on, keeping on.

Another example is, you may have seen pictures of our little town centre being decimated by Storm Katie (a huge amount of scaffolding above and opposite shops blew down yesterday, thankfully it was early morning and no one was hurt) but, our little hub has gone for a while, our place where D feels comfy after negotiating a trip to the shops (yes, Costa). So, she feels anxious about going anywhere else.  I waited for Hubbie to get home today and had ten minutes walking with my earworms, on the way to stoking up our energy cards.  Not a massive amount of time away, but having that little few moments with a couple of tunes was enough.  Little things.  It did worry D that I was out, albeit for such a relatively short amount of time.

There’s not much else to add really.  We’re here, ticking over.  The children may clock-watch for the next element of their routine but I don’t want to wish time away.

I’d rather enjoy this ticking-over time with cuddles and giggles from D, T is unraveling himself from the spring-like guise he seemed to have got himself into by the end of term, he’ll know his subject options soon and he’s definitely a chap who needs to know, almost in advance of him knowing.

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