Fickle – Tues 16th Feb 2016

By | February 16, 2016

We’ve had a bit of a blast from the past today with the above book.

D absolutely loves the Mr Men & Little Miss books and has a basket of them by her bed, very often I’ll go in and say “good morning” and she’ll have a little squeal or squeak as she reads one of her favourite stories.

Little Miss Fickle has always been a popular choice, a character who finds it very difficult to choose between alternatives and the story has got plenty of scope for silly voices as it’s being read.  Something D really enjoyed this evening.

I explained to her afterwards what being “fickle” meant and it seemed very strange to her that there may be characters around like that.  D – very much like T – has her definite likes and dislikes and doesn’t like to be swayed terribly from them.

The end line of the book with it’s “Oh Bother!” made for some giggles.

It just goes to show that, whilst D is a prolific reader, she still enjoys being read to, I did too! 

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