This week’s #WOTW and #R2BC

By | January 7, 2016

Is it just me, or has this week gone really, really fast? 

It’s been quite full on here with a staggered return to school for T first, then D, a day off for two hospital appointments for D on Wednesday and then quite a few phone calls (understatement!), work and a meeting re the Comms work I do locally.

I realised early on this week that this year is going to be busy and hence my work for this week is:

I like that image too.  It says to me an element of teamwork, of puzzle pieces fitting together to achieve something and, of course, a puzzle piece is identifiable with autism awareness too.

So, what’s making me smile this week (the R2BC bit)?

1.  My soul mate 

My better half (he’ll like that!) has been working hard this week, it’s that horrible time of year when he’s going to work in the dark and the same coming home.  It affects his mood, it’s bound to and working for himself, he does a lot of thinking.  

He finished early today and we had a Costa before collecting the children.  It was nice, I need to plan for more for some us-time.

2. Thinking Slimmer

It’s that time of year when resolutions are made, diets are started and then it’s a bit by-the-by come February.

I’ve joined a group having a twelve trial with Thinking Slimmer and my aim is to increase my wellbeing and mindfulness.   Anything else is a bonus!

3.  Scheduling 

I need to get more organised with this upcoming busy year.  It’s going to be a juggling act, keeping everything going.  I’d like to share what I’ll be doing volunteer-wise but I can’t until next week.  I’m delighted to be involved.

Some nights I’m super-duper organised and get this blog scheduled well in advance, sometimes it’s 8.37pm (like now, for example) and I’m tap-tapping away, clock watching for a 9pm publish time.

4.  Singing 

Ooh D and I like to sing, love to sing.  She’s in a school production of Oliver in the Spring, singing in the senior choir.  

We’ve had a CD of songs sent home for her to sing along to and practise and this is just the kind of homework she loves.

Our favourite? Oom pah pah! 

Has that got you singing along yet? Here’s a video with lyrics if you hadn’t! 

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