Thinking Slimmer – Week 1 

By | January 15, 2016

Regular readers of my blog posts will know that I spent a large proportion of last year kicking a phobia into touch and generally feeling happier within myself.  


It feels great.  I look back to just a year ago and honestly, don’t recognise myself.  Gone is the depressed, unsmiling J of old and instead I’m confident and happier.

But, I can feel even better about myself and this is where Thinking Slimmer is going to help me.

I’ve always been an emotional eater, crisps and chocolate are very downfall and my “go to” tool if I wasn’t feeling great or had to have a bit of a battle with school regarding one of the children.  But, the downside to emotional eating us that it’s a vicious cycle:

I’d have some chocolate because something wasn’t right/I was stressed ->

I’d then feel bad because I’d eaten something that wasn’t the best choice ->

Which would lead into feelings that I’d failed, that I was crap, that I couldn’t stick to a diet ->

And what would make me feel better? More chocolate!

Not good, eh? Our mind is a very powerful tool and additionally if you’re stubborn (ahem, I am), then any well-meaning advice wouldn’t be taken on board until your mind was receptive.

This is where diets in their traditional sense can fail, they do for me.  If I’m instantly told “you must do this, you can’t do this”, I’ll rebel or fixate on whatever it is I can’t have until I give in, resent that I have…etc etc.

So, what is Thinking Slimmer?

Here’s some information from the website:

“A Slimpod is a unique voice recording you listen to for just nine minutes a day. The programme gently retrains your mind, changing the way you think about food and how you feel about yourself. From the inside, Slimpods change the outside. 

Our weight loss technique is the only one of its kind in the world to have successfully undergone clinical trials – at City University London – and has been endorsed by an NHS consultant, who wrote in his report: “I found the effects to be profound and positively life-changing.”

Slimpods avoid any notion of a diet, instead they gently nudge your unconscious mind towards making better eating choices – let’s face it, we all know what they are. Slimpods don’t tell you what to eat or what not to eat but guide your unconscious mind to help it create its own solutions.

By empowering you to control what you eat and motivating you to be more active, you lose weight without even having to think about it.”

Sounds ideal for me, doesn’t it?

I started listening to the slimpods on Monday and they work! 

It’s Friday now and those lovely little Guylian seashells left over from Christmas are still sitting in a jar in my kitchen, they’ve been untouched since Sunday.  They probably think they’ve done something wrong (well, yes) and that I’m ignoring them!   Truth be told, I am.  I don’t need them.  

Isn’t that amazing after just 5 days? I’m not going to get all blasé and say I’m never touching them again because that doesn’t work but the slimpods are helping me to visualise me as l want to be.  No deprivation, no hunger just healthier meal and snack (savoury crackers or satsuma choices).
The picture above came from a weekly magazine and a couple of the tips mentioned are “share the love” and “ask for help”.  The lovely Thinkung Slimmer people have set up a closed Facebook group where we can share successes, challenges and thoughts as we all embark on this new journey together.

I’m not using scales very much during this, I’ll be going by how my clothes feel and fit, in particular a dress suit that will be my measure for how I’m doing.

So, at the end of week 1, I’m feeling pretty positive.  Pleased that I signed up for this and confident that yes, I’m doing this for me.  Because I can.

Disclaimer: I have received membership to Thinking Slimmer and access to Slimpods as part of a twelve week blogger challenge.  My views and words are my own.

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Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe on 27th January 2016 at 3:21 pm.

I know exactly what you mean about the vicious circle of naughty food and moods. My downfall is also crisps and chocolate and wine and cheese lol I could go on! Here is to a healthier happy year! I have certainly felt better since restarting the slimpod. Thank you for joining in with #Slimmerseeker the new linky will be live tomorrow and I hope you can join us again x


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