Squeak! – Tues 5th Jan 2016

By | January 5, 2016

You can almost hear the happy squeak emitting from this picture, can’t you?

Squeaks from D that she’s back at school and right back in that routine that she not only needs, but craves.  As does T but he wouldn’t necessarily admit it…

Part of me felt a bit sad that she was so joyful to be heading back, that maybe it meant she hadn’t enjoyed the Christmas holidays and more relaxed (ish) days.  But – kicking myself up the backside – it’s the knowledge for D that, at a certain time, she’s doing such-and-such, the routine of school and then the knowledge that she’ll dash down those stairs, have a cuddle and we’ll be off home.

It was a dash down for D this afternoon as well.  They were late coming out of class so she always worries that I won’t be there waiting, that I’ll have gone.  She didn’t want to put her coat on, such was her hurry to get away, to stick to that inward timetable without deviance.

I guess, to some people, it might seem strange that she was eager to get into school and then eager to leave, but that’s how we roll (as it were) here, sticking to those timetables.   It’s easier for T and D.

Tomorrow sees a change for D, one that she won’t be squeaking about, she has a hospital appointment and then an injection.  Both having the potential for anxieties to overtake and – I hope the rooms are relatively small – a bolt situation.  The injection will be painful, she dislikes them intensely but the change tomorrow will be that she can remain with me and not head tearfully off  to class – the change and potential for more cuddles suits me, I hope it will for D too.

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