Appointments – Weds 6th Jan 2016

By | January 6, 2016

Regular readers may remember that the lovely D has monthly, painful injections. She doesn’t look forward to them (who would?!) and manages to work herself up anxiety-wise until she’ll bolt/squeeze/hit, anything to ease the inevitable pain of that needle going in.

Normally they are administered at school but due to the fact we had a clinic appointment for her today and the fact that I was particularly unimpressed with the aftermath at school of the last one (an understatement but I didn’t blog), I arranged for her to have the injection in the clinic.

So, an already anxious D and then, as we walked (a different route as we were going) to the bus stop, she said something that task my tugged at my heart strings – after a lot of hugging, puffing and annoyed stamps (from her).  She said “I don’t like going this way because people give me (her) odd looks”. 

Poor little love.  She spent years totally oblivious as she’d walk along, clinging to me as her stranger anxiety is quite severe.  Now obviously, as she’s maturing and (hopefully) realising that that person on the pavement on the other side of the road isn’t a baddie, she’s noticing the looks, which makes me sad for her.  I also makes me cross that in this day and age, people just can’t seem to live and let live. So what if D sometimes has a little skip whilst she’s walking along? She’s not harming anyone.  

Eventually we got there (nice unbusy bus) and the dreaded injection.  I can’t add anything to it, she hates it and intensely dislikes me for those few minutes whilst we try to steer her into a receptive position.  

Maybe I should have arranged the clinic for before the injection, not after, as she took a while to calm.

Ultimately though, she did well.  It was a big ask, two medical appointments in one day and then negotiating through a busy town centre to get home.

A happier girl by the end, Bunny within reach, her book and a snack.  All (seemingly) forgotten until the next time:


Very proud of her.

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