Together – Weds 9th Dec 2015

By | December 9, 2015

We had the papers through from D’s recent annual review today, unlike recent years, I felt relieved when I read it, as opposed to worried.  

In previous years, there’d been an intimation that maybe at some point, D would get as far as she could within SN school and it may be appropriate for her to re-enter mainstream.

It wouldn’t work, all the transition in the world wouldn’t prepare our girl for the sheer size of a secondary school, the busy busy break times and the hustle and bustle as hordes of pupils moved from class to class.  

We’d have ended up home educating, which D would loved but she benefits from the educational and social side of SN school, not to mention the little challenges that they task her with sometimes – taking papers to reception, a sudden but small change or an attempt to get her to try something new – it all benefits her in the long run, even if it causes a bit of angst at the time.

D’s angst, bless her.  Something that she bottles up until she sees me at the end of the day and then “whooosh! Out those emotions come!”   It’s not always negative emotion, she bounded down the stairs with a huge grin on Monday and Tuesday because she just could not wait to tell me about her day, it was fantastic to see her enthusiasm and her engagement as she responded to questions and was just so happy.

But, getting back to that angst and those anxieties, because they do play a big part, a couple of sentences shouted out at me from the review papers sent home today:

“She struggles letting people know how she feels …. D puts pressure on herself as she gets so worried about making mistakes, we are all working on this together  … Confidence is D’s biggest thing to keep working on.”

That is our girl in a nutshell.  We’re grateful that it’s been recognised as something we all can work on, to help her, together.

And where’s Glitter been today? She ended up on the cardboard cut-out of Olaf that we use for our Pom Pom game.  D was very worried all day that one of the cats would knock Glitter over and she’d fall off, thankfully she didn’t and, as I explained to D, I doubt our cats understand about Christmas anyway, however clever our purr bag Bitsey might seem!


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