Downs and Ups – Fri 11th Dec 2015

By | December 11, 2015

It was Christmas jumper day today at D’s school, lovely to see so many different variances of Christmas jumper as we walked in.

Unfortunately D didn’t see them, she was crying.  She’d cried virtually all the way to school because it was injection day.  Cried as we walked in, sobbed and made herself into a ball in the corner of nurse’s room and then sobbed some more as the needle went in.  Poor D.  It’s a necessary for the next five or so months and then the decision will be jointly made to take her off them.

It was horrible to leave her after, I just wanted to take her home.  The straight-back-into-the-routine seems to work best for school, however frail she might seem.

It’s no surprise that today’s injection featured in one of her “worst bits of the week” at tea time, with snow-tubing and the varied places that Glitter (Elf on the Shelf) has been this week.

Speaking of Glitter, D was very tickled by where she appeared today, looking up at our tree fairy (hurrah for a few more places for her to “land”:


T is counting down big-time to the end of term, one week to go! 

Have a good weekend 🙂 

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