Bobble – Tues 22nd Dec 2015

By | December 22, 2015

“Bobble” is very appropriate today.  We had to head to the shops, leaving it until this afternoon because it’s usually quieter then and far less stressful for D.

Three days before Christmas and yes, it was busier than normal.  It would be.  But we did the essentials.  She wasn’t particularly happy until…

We went into Iceland for a couple of bits and saw these.  Trollies with tinsel wrapped around their poles and little toppings with either a snowman or feet out of a chimney on the top.

What started out as an anxious trip around the supermarket for D turned into a flap-worthy gigglefest because the tinselled trolley poles with their toppings could be seen over the displays as they made their way around the aisles.  She loved it!

D’s Christmas Pudding bobble hat had an advantage too as she’s just a few inches shorter than me, but that red bobble made her very easy to spot if she wandered off, distracted by Christmas goodies. 

A bit of a wobble when we came to going home and it was getting dark, D always panicks thinking it’s bedtime and she’s missed dinner but luckily we didn’t have to walk as Hubbie gave us a lift, yay! 

Two more days with Glitter – our Elf on the Shelf – and D is already saying how much she’ll miss her.  We might have to appoint an all year round “watcher of good behaviour” but the thought of 364 hiding places per year (yes, 365 for 2016) doesn’t appeal ATM! 

Here’s where Glitter was yesterday, clutching onto a Christmas hat that D had made:

Today she was on the cross trainer, a reminder maybe that New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner? (Thanks Glitter!):

There wasn’t a blog last night as I was out at a festive curry.  In true D form and despite melatonin earlier than usual, she waited up, settling very quickly after her routine of tucking in, lights off etc.  It’s very cute but blimey she must have fought that medicine! 

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