All the M’s – Sat 19th Dec 2015

By | December 19, 2015

Hurrah for a calm Saturday, no crowded shops or people-filled environments for D. T too, after he’d played his football match this morning.

The above was us this afternoon, Malteser Merryteasers and the Minions movie.  

We’d wanted to go and see the film at the cinema in the summer holidays but angst prevented it.  I’m glad we didn’t now because T and D absolutely loved it!  D, in particular, laughing so much and loudly exclaiming every time something funny happened – which it did, a lot.  She also had a bit of a dance about too, she would have probably done that in the cinema (and no doubt been stared at) so I’m relieved she could watch it for the first time (no doubt of many) and really, really enjoy it.

There were a couple of moments (another M) later on, but relatively short-lived and hopefully, without the build up of emotions as they both wait for the end of the school day, anything will be over sooner that it might otherwise be.  Hope so.


Glitter landed in a cup of …. glitter today! I’m hoping she doesn’t make too much of a mess as she flys back to report to Father Christmas later.  D thought this place was extremely cheeky!

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xOjox on 20th December 2015 at 4:31 pm.

Aw, I’m glad they enjoyed the film. We went to the local cinema, little A can jump up and down to his hearts content, no one takes any notice. I hope you can have some anxiety free time, in the run up to Xmas xx


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