Crafting – Weds 25th Nov 2015

By | November 25, 2015

Isn’t that fab? Made by D as part of the “ingredients” (as she calls them) with her Girl Talk Arts and Crafts magazine this month.  Can you look at that Pom Pom (apparently they’re all the rage, daaarling) and not smile?

It makes my heart sing to watch her reading and following the instructions, choosing which sticker or googly eye to put where, adding in bits of ribbon or wool.  She will happily follow the instructions but needs reassurance that she’s doing it right.  

And she’ll look through the magazine too. We had so many years where the “free” plastic toy on the front cover appealed, money handed over and neither the toy or the magazine would be picked up again, despite best efforts to engage them.   

We built up quite a pile of CBeebies, Peppa Pig, Something Special etc and, in the end, I gave them to the nursery class for sensory circuits, I’d rather they were used, somehow.

Anyway, the Girl Talk Art magazine is one that’s stayed with D for a couple of years now, it’s always a reward after her injections and she will refer back to it.  The colours are very pink/bright/girly too and the crafts are always nicely achievable for her.

And I had fun with the stickers too, Poirot anyone?

Or see if you can match the googly eyes:

All giggle-inducing fun for D, who’d had after school badminton, as well as badminton during PE today.  But she didn’t mind, she really enjoys the much slower less contact sports.

T’s had a good day too and we got to try some of his risotto he made yesterday, but wouldn’t try due to his sensory issues.  It was really very nice! Well done him! 

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