Walking – Mon 19th Oct 2015

By | October 19, 2015

I set myself a challenge today, to walk to T’s school and back.  According to google maps, it was a 13 mile round trip.  

A chance to see how long it would take and realise that, if I did get a marathon place next year (don’t know yet), then it would be twice that amount (if the London one) or just there and back (if a local one). 

It was also a mini protest at the fact that T continually leaves his cooking behind and never goes to Lost Property for items, a sort of “I can get there if I need to” as I’m a non driver and there is no bus service, hence T travelling by school coach. I wasn’t sure whether he’d acknowledge that though.

The way there was quite interesting, passing farms, rural businesses and chickens, lots of chickens! They reminded me of when we had chickens but these ones were unbelievably nosey, stopping and looking a bit like meerkats every time a vehicle drove in or pulled out.  Very funny to see and I was tempted to detour and buy a couple – now that would have ramped the embarrassment factor right up, me turning up at school with chickens!

The return journey was boring, flat and boring, reminiscent of the Talking Heads song, trudging along, mindful of the fact that I shouldn’t wear my phone battery down.

According to my Fitbit, it was 5 miles there and 5 back, it felt like it (or longer).  

It was silly of me to do that today, if there’d been an issue with D or Hubbie’s dad, I was too far away time-wise to be of help.  Fortunately there wasn’t.

D had beauty club today so she’s come home with freshly painted nails in differing shades.  She will have a differing evening tonight as I’m out at a meeting, so snuggle time next to dad beckons, until I’m back anyway.

And as for T, it’s helped him to realise just how far away in steps his school is and appreciate the amount we pay every month for his coach, whether it will help him remember to bring items home … time will tell.

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