Late – Tues 20th Oct 2015

By | October 20, 2015

Quite a few things send D into an absolute flat spin, being late out of class is one of them.

She can read a clock as to “something o’clock” and sometimes “half past”, one of the things I was keen to commence when she started school was showing her what 3.15pm looked like, she’d then know that it was coming up for home time.

It works.  Until she memorised it, I’d pop a clock face picture in her lunchbox so she’d know and sometimes it backfires, like today.

They were late coming out of class, only about 5 minutes or so but I guess she was in her classroom, listening to the noises of others passing by, worrying that she was late.

She worries that I won’t be there and previously I’ve promised that I’ll be there waiting until she comes down.  She forgot today and was extremely agitated by the time she came down.  She had her coat in one hand, her bag in the other and inbetween (because she’s not an octopus) was her diary, all adding to the very angst-ridden state that she was in.

Normally I’m greeted with a grin and a cuddle and we’ll walk out arm-in-arm after she’s waved at the receptionist.  Today she bolted, not appreciating that this kind of adds to the time, she was just way too agitated.  And then, when I’d caught her (as fortunately she bolted within school), she just wanted to “get out of here”. No time for coats or putting the diary away (although we did), she just wanted to go.  

This made for an angst-filled walk home, refusals, stomps and fortunately no more bolts but she was annoying T by being anxious and in turn, he was doing his “behave yourself” glare so let’s just say it wasn’t the happy, chatty walk home we (sometimes) have.

Moods didn’t really improve until well after tea, when she told us about a smidgen of her day.   

Hopefully tomorrow will be better-natured.


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