Squeeeeeeak!  – Weds 5th Aug 2015

By | August 5, 2015

During term time, getting D “up and at ’em” can be a bit of a chore.  There’s the “why isn’t it the weekend? I wish the weekends were ten days long” comments as she’s gently coaxed up, with the prospect of a stomp – as opposed to a walk – to school.  All these emotions before 9am, it’s no wonder she builds emotions up during the day and …. “Bam!” out they come at 3.15pm.

The school holidays are a different matter altogether, they start with a squeak (or two).

It used to be that D would not get herself up at all, she would wait to be told it was time to get up, this used to cause problems if she needed the toilet in the night and she’d hold it in (or not) until it was time to get up.  Poor thing.

Now it’s a little peek into our bedroom, followed by a “squeeeeeeeak” of delight, a rush in and she’s landed! Ready for the day.  Eager to tell me about her daydreams which involve unicorns, butterflies and her flying (this is after the melatonin has helped her settle at night has long worn off btw).

It’s infectious, her upbeat mood, a total contrast to term time mornings and I’ll usually ask her what’s making her so happy.  The answer is:
“Squeeeeeeeeak! Being with you! Squeeeeeeak!”

Lovely eh? Long may her cheerfulness continue.  So far (school mornings aside), she’s not showing any signs of the tween need to sleep in, I wonder if she will or whether that stage will bypass her, especially as she hit puberty early.  I guess time will tell.

An end picture of D’s funny face pulling.

(She’s not able to do the nose screwed up or tongue poking out faces, or raise her eyebrows up comically – I still wonder about dyspraxia – but we do have fun trying to make each other laugh)

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