Sharing – Tues 4th Aug 2015

By | August 4, 2015

Sharing….. ooh, it doesn’t come easily in this house, never has done.  

That’s no surprise really and we’ve got used to that whenever there is a potential sharing situation, it’s also referee time as the issues around sharing, combined with their intellectual variances, do not necessary make for a peaceful time.

We also have the added complication that D has no concept of time at all, whereas T is extremely accurate, down to the second.  So, for example, to T, 30 minutes is half an hour, not 29 mins, 59 seconds or 30 minutes, 10 seconds but 30 minutes on the dot.  For D, 30 minutes can equal 5 minutes/10 minutes or over an hour.  She can read the “o’clock” on a clock and that’s it, anything else is too much for her.

It makes “sharing” using a clock tricky, one solution is a time tracker but that seems to cause issues with T as to whether it’s accurate.

Sometimes, though, sharing can be more visual.  This is a packet of buttons, shared between the three of us today:

They could both see instantly that everyone had the same amount.  There’s no free-for-all as there would be accusations that someone had more and that would lead to another referee time.

So, the picture above leads to this:


Happy faces.

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