Humour – Sun 16th Aug 2015

By | August 16, 2015

Humour is a mixed bag in our household, different giggly prompts apply for different people.  It certainly has today (and yesterday).

For T, it’s easy really.  The slightest smidgeon of schoolboy (or schoolgirl) humour and he’s off, giggling so much that he’ll get hiccups (which makes him giggle more at first, until he gets annoyed that he’s still doing a rather good frog impression, then he’ll get cross and woe betide you if you then laugh….).

The mere mention of “p*o, b*m, p*rp, tr*mp, f*rt, b**b, b*lls” and it’s giggles-a-plenty.   (You can play guess the missing letter in the “*”‘s if you like), perfect if we’re out and he doesn’t want to be.  

He’ll be walking alongside us, protesting about the fact that we even have to be out, moaning that I’m smiling at him and clock-watching because he likes to know down to the minute just what we’re doing and where.   So, it’s daft word time and a few of the words above, in a silly sentence usually does the trick ….. until those hiccups arrive.

Talking of “silly”, I’ve mentioned here before that Hubbie is also known as Mr Silly and therefore I am Mrs Silly.  Tbh it suits us, we’ll always be finishing each other’s sentences or say the same thing at the same thing and silly humour is what gets us through challenging times.  A smile or a laugh is far far better than a frown (unless it’s the glasses down the nose stern look – done in jest) or tears.

Anyway, I’d just finished chatting to Mr Silly earlier on the phone and T commented that I’m therefore Mrs Silly (tis true), I replied that he was Master Silly (met with giggles from him) and he shot back that D must be Miss Silly.  This was not met well, in fact it was met very badly by D.  Tears and a stomp.  Over something that could have just been laughed off, but D doesn’t see it like that, in fact she gets very hurt if she thinks people are laughing at her (not with her, there is a definite difference).

Contrast that with later on, when she wanted to ask me for a biscuit and she got her letters muddled up and called me “b*m” and not mum!  Now she found that extremely funny and because she was able to laugh at that, so could we.   In fact she was still chuckling at it later on, as well as the fact she thought one of the cats looked a bit like a big egg from behind.

I guess it’s the visual aspect as well as the fact that the “b*m not mum” was within her control.  She loves to watch slapstick humour like Mr Bean, Tom and Jerry or the Minions, maybe because she knows exactly what will happen (and laughs as she tells us what will be coming next and then still laughs as she then watches it).

Will this be something that is enhanced with maturity? I don’t know, part of me anticipates that maybe it won’t.   It would be nice to think that we’d all be laughing at cracker jokes around the table or gently teasing each other (about being a Silly family maybe), but perhaps not.

I should just be thankful that we have humour in our lives, albeit at differing levels.  And I am.

(Apologies for a teensy post yesterday, my brain was frazzled after very little sleep and a day a bit like above)

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