Friendlies – Sat 8th Aug 2015

By | August 8, 2015

Well, we did it.  We all got there to watch (what was left of T’s team following recent events) playing friendly matches together with and against other players, who may or may not end up joining the team to add some much-needed numbers.

To say we all got there was a definite achievement.  D isn’t keen on the whole football environment, the balls whizzing past in all directions, the sounds of excited players get together or the (to her) strangers.

For D, it was very much a case of her positioning herself away from everyone else, reading her book and bellowing for a cuddle every so often.  Which of course she received. It doesn’t help that D has absolutely no time concept, so I could say “okay, I’m just going to ask Dad something” and I’m a minute’s walk away, well within earshot and eyesight (it was a big field), get back to her and the tears are flowing angrily because she felt I’d been “gone hours”.

It wasn’t easy but (very proud moment), I did get her near the touchline just long enough to have a cuddle with her dad and then she’d had enough and needed to get back to her little area.


This was Hubbie and T warming up before everyone arrived, having a kick-a-bout.  D enjoyed watching this but again it was from a distance.

It was also great to see T with his football friends, there is another lad on the team also on the autistic spectrum (also high functioning) and it was fab to see them walking off the pitch together at the end, smiling and talking to each other.

And it’s all repeated again next week as the players get a chance to play again, to integrate and hopefully a full contingent of transferred boys will follow.   I’ve thought ahead for D and ordered a little pop-up shelter for her.  This will provide her with the enclosed space that she needs and will (hopefully) enable her to relax a bit more and be positioned a bit closer to the action – but not too close.  

I’d like to say we’d all get to training sessions too but I am aware of D’s limitations and don’t want to overly encroach on something that is very much Hubbie/T time, but I also want to show support – tricky one isn’t it.

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Jane - Our Little Escapades on 16th August 2015 at 8:30 pm.

I’m glad you were all able to go. I like the idea of the tent for D, it might really help her. I hope it goes well this week.

Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


Jeannette on 21st November 2015 at 3:34 pm.

The tent really does help her. We were going to go today but the cold wind kept us home in the warm 🙂


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