Worried – Sun 19th July 2015

By | July 19, 2015

I’ve been grateful for my little daily “happy” pill today, but it hasn’t stopped my stomach churning and twisting over a few things.

I guess, without my “happy” pill, I’d have had a cry or two so that’s something, that I still have them.  I did talk with my doctor last week about having one every two days and tbh with all my smiley stuff happening this year, there were a few days when I completely forgot to take one, but today the worry warts have come out with avengance.

It will probably help me to blog them out:

1.  D’s injection 

She has this monthly to ease the aggressive symptoms of early puberty.  The chemist handles all the palaver of a repeat prescription every month and all I should have to do is collect it.  

Not so this month.

It should have been ready for collection two weeks ago and I’ve been in a few times enquiring.  They eventually told me what the delay was, they’re short-staffed and no one has chased at the surgery.  This was Friday and her next injection is next Wednesday and it has to be ordered in.  So, I did what someone should have done, spoke to the surgery – all the doctors were on house calls – and no one would be available to walk it to the chemist (honestly it is opposite the surgery and would take two minutes max to drop off!).  Eventually, the chemist received it and now we have to wait and see if it comes in in time, her injection is first thing Wednesday.

Stress I don’t need right now cos …

2.  Blood tests

I’m waiting on the results of blood tests for me.  The potential results and ramifications worry me but at least they’ve been done.  I’m hoping it’s something relatively simple to sort out, but it might not be.

I am very conscious that I’ve put my body through a lot this year and maybe this is its way of saying “whoah, walk before you can run” and just chill a bit – easier said than done.

But, the children have been great today (apart from T throwing a bit of a wobble over something he wasn’t winning) and I’ve tried taking my mind off things (and failing) by making this:

Another knitted duck, to go with Fluffy yesterday, this is Pinkie (named by D).

*Fingers crossed* that tomorrow I’ll know whether D’s injection box has arrived and maybe those results – I hope everyone’s day has gone well.

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