A Switch – Mon 6th July 2015

By | July 6, 2015

Sometimes parenting our two children is like this: 

A switch flicking between emotions, usually extremes of emotions too, today has been a day just like that.

This morning, we had school refusal from D.  She’d got upset last night because it was the end of the weekend and that sadness had flicked over to stubbornness by this morning. She had also decided she had a cough (and was therefore unable to go to school), so we have stubbornness interjected with (very) over-exaggerated coughs.  

(Sorry D.  I’ve been there, tried the “skive-a-litus” when I fancied a duvet day and it never worked for me either.    It’s even funnier btw when you have a job and practice your “poorly” voice just before you phone in sick.  Not that I did that very often, I had too much of a conscience)

Anyway, T had previously set off full of end-of-term countdown and D and I had a more sedate, slower walk interspersed with “I don’t want to go to school” (her not me) and “I wish it was the holidays, I wish we had ten weeks off”.  I haven’t dared tell her yet that T finishes term six days before she does …. there will be fallout, lots of it and I’d rather deal with that closer to the time (and T will be loving the fact that he’s already on school holiday).

So, back to the “switch” effect, a dejected D went up the stairs this morning and a happy one came down this afternoon.  Whether it was the fact that any practicing for Proms or Sports Day are now longer conflicting with her usual routine or that one of her “boyfriends” had drawn her a picture, she was a much calmer and happier D.

In contrast, T wasn’t.  He’d set off in good spirits but wasn’t so when we met him from the school bus.  I get the impression – knowing our T – that the fact they’re winding down at school for the end of term is frustrating him, in his eyes he goes to school to have lessons and, if they’ve finished all their work, why aren’t they already on holiday?!?

There have also been changes to his football team too today, our priority has always been that T enjoys playing the sport he lives and breathes for and hopefully nothing will jeopardise that.

So, that’s Monday out of the way.  Another day tomorrow, it would be nice if one day their moods synchronised as opposed to feeling like we’re on an emotional tightrope.  


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