Two under two – not your average family

By | May 14, 2015

The weekly lifestyle magazines are full to the brim of stories about the new Princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
It’s a lovely time for the Royal Family and l’m pleased that Catherine had a safe delivery and healthy baby after what apparently was another troublesome pregancy.  Why, by the way, do newspapers and magazines insist on still calling her Kate Middleton, when she’s been married for (is it) 4 years? And the articles, William will be very aware that his mother will never meet her grandchildren, he doesn’t need reminding.  One thing I do wonder is how the new Princess will be compared to her late grandmother, especially as she has her name as a middle name.    One supplement had 329 pictures or something, as a “souvenir” of what? When she’s barely over a week old and has only been seen twice in public.

Anyway, the stories are all along the jiste of “two under two years, how will she cope?” and this is where I get a bit peeved, because this is no ordinary family.  They have help – lots of it – cooks, night nurse, nanny, gardener, etc etc.  This is not someone who will be kept awake at night, either with the newborn or the toddler, then have to ensure that the household is fed and watered before older children go off to school, then a walk to the supermarket with a silent prayer if one is crying that they don’t wake the other one, then a school run, home to make tea and then it’s getting everyone sorted for the next day, whilst trying not to think about how the night will go.

I had T and D 18 months apart and it was hard work, very.  Visitors would want to hold the new baby but not offer any practical help and we were basically left to it.  I must admit, I preferred it that way, I just like to get on with things – whether it be trying to get up and down the stairs with a child on each hip, or attempting to make tea whilst the low cupboard I set aside for T and D to “wreck” was being emptied of its play saucepans and food.

I was also on some hefty antibiotics for a blood injection so the snatching of meals became even less frequent as the dose was 4 times daily and on an empty stomach.  How I got through those first six months, I don’t know!  Meals were ate one-handed with a fork only, if I did sit down.

And then all the waffle about how long the Queen stayed for her first visit with the baby….19 minutes!  Well,  to be honest, if the baby was asleep then it’s all bit (whispers) boring isn’t it and the Queen is in her late 80’s, she’ll have wanted to see the ten fingers/toes etc and that’s all that matters, that all are healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Royals bring in much-needed tourism (and revenue) for the country and I love all the pomp and ceremony that goes with events and celebrations but this isn’t a family in a semi, trying to make ends meet and I think it’s foolish to pretend otherwise.


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