Tolerance – Mon 25th May 2015

By | May 25, 2015

Bank Holiday Monday and it’s generally been a day of tolerance.

Unfortunately we were all kept awake last night by the people we share a party wall with, who are aware that T and D have autism but still “party on down” until nearly midnight, with shouting and shrieking.   Lucky for them, they can sleep in the next day, for D especially, no matter how little sleep she may have had, she’s always awake at the same time.

The sniffs and snuffles are still there, T’s cold is developing and he’s still extremely annoyed that he’s probably picked it up from D.  At least we don’t have the “school or no school” decision, but the timing could definitely be better!

Both were amenable to some trampoline and alphabetical fun today (good mental exercise for D), whereby we all sat on the trampoline and said names/fruits/foods consecutively through the alphabet, passing the ball and going on to the next letter.  Practising both turn-taking and thinking ahead.  T does get frustrated at the intellectual differences between him and D during these type of games and I had to prompt her with the next letter, otherwise he’d have got even more so.  It’s good practice though and only saying the next letter (object) when you have the ball, makes for concentration and allowing others to speak.

Wednesday brings D’s injection, but at home, so I’ll be gently introducing that tomorrow, as well as the fact that T is playing in a local football tournament this weekend, which I’d really like us to see (as I don’t see T play usually).  It will be challenge for D, lots of unknown people and an unfamiliar location, I really hope she’ll be amenable to the suggestion.

I love this quote I found online, hope everyone’s day has gone well six 

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