Small Steps Amazing Achievements – 6/5/15

By | May 6, 2015

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This week’s Small Steps Amazing Achievements Linky is over with Jane but please feel free to link up below as the code syncronises.
We really enjoy reading and sharing the achievements of your children.
These were my highlights from last week’s linked posts:

“Finding that right educational setting is vital, @RTR_Blog has a lovely video showing so much verbal progression

Similarly for Bunny at @crazywithtwins she is flourishing and discovering new talents in her new setting 

@minnowmep ‘s Monkey has surprised her with his sudden enthusiasm and enjoyment of bike riding, fab stuff and great that he suddenly decided he wanted to try it out

Big challenges over at @OoServoO with a house move and new school for the children, but they’re all doing very well (although their internet provider does need a little nudge!)

And finally, when a girl “needs” chocolate cake, there are times when you’ll try something new just to get that extra piece.  @downssideup has Natty’s attempt and yep I’d be tempted too!”

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