Onwards – Fri 29th May 2015

By | May 29, 2015

A dollop of angst has crept into the Bluecrisps household today, angst hasn’t been missed and this is the only day where it’s been evident so I can’t have too much of a “Dame Doom” moment really.

I think it’s been a combination of a few things:

Both go back to school next week.  

For T, there’s subject tests, presumably to work out which classes he’ll be in in year 8, unbelievable that we’re close to the end of year 7, where did that time go?

For D, it’s preparation for sports day, her last in primary.  Thankfully she will remain in her SN setting for secondary and hopefully transition will be smooth.  Her new class may physically move location to the other side of school, they may not.  We’ll know her teacher towards the end of term.  

There’s also the small matter that D is House Captain this year so she’ll be involved in giving out medals and standing up front when the house results are announced.  Daunting stuff but just an indication of how settled she is in SN – as opposed to mainstream setting – and her primary reason for wanting to become a House Captain was sports day duties.

And then we have Sunday.  T is playing in a football tournament, which he’d normally look forward too.  

However the manager of his team – for whatever reason – hadn’t been answering calls or emails as to where he’d got to with arranging his end (clue: nothing) and so it’s been down to us, which I haven’t really minded tbh but when you don’t even know if the manager and his son will physically be there (and therefore be in the team), it’s tricky.  

T has picked up a bit on this and although we’d tried to discuss how far we’d got in terms of getting it all organised out of earshot, T’s ears would be flapping and he’d be worrying.   Thankfully the manager finally made contact yesterday and it’s all sorted. 

We’re all going as I don’t get to see T play that often, so I’m hoping D won’t find it all too overpowering.  I’m down to help in the Bun Tent too, with D on a chair, so – positive thinking – we’ll be sheltered if it rains.

I guess, looking back at the above, it’s good that we’ve only had one angst-ridden day, it’s good that both T and D relaxed and chilled enough to not worry about upcoming issues until today (although the tournament AWOL manager issue had been bubbling away).

Anyway, all in all, it’s been a good week.  Hopefully any angst will evaporate overnight and we can enjoy the weekend.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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